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Webinar: Cross-subject Curricular Integration for STEM Education

A webinar was organised on 8 January 2021 to introduce the project and share its achievements to the colleagues in the education sector. Details of “2020/21 Webinars by IT in Education of Education Bureau — IT in Education Subject-related Series: Cross-subject Curricular Integration for STEM Education” were:

  1. Introduce the rationale and design of STEM Education, Maker Education implementation and Social Service Education, and modes of cross-disciplinary collaboration.
  2. Demonstrate how to leverage the e-Learning platforms to let students experience the latest technologies and to provide after-school learning opportunities such as “TinkerCAD circuit” for circuit simulation, “Thunkable” for APP development, “IFTTT” for automation and “Blynk APP” for Internet of Things (IoT) development.
  3. Cite different ways and tools for conducting assessment in a timely manner on e-Learning platforms under new normal.
  4. Teachers’ experience sharing.